Books You should have

Book for D.S.A with c 

this book explains the concept of every topic in detail include all the program are written in it. You can also start this book if you don't have a grip on c language.
here is the link of this book you can download the form. link2 or link1 
this link also helps us this website to grow.

Book a C programmer should have

The book is a must have to every c programmer the reason why I am saying it is because the author of the book is Dennis M.Ritchie who is the creator of the c programming if you gonna read this book at even once in the life not only you gonna pro in c programming while also gonna learn what was the thought process if the creature of the c language.

here is the link to download the book:- click here

Warning go for this book only when if you have a little or basic knowledge of c programming or any other programming languages due to the contained in this book is so dense.